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4. Beautiful Bathroom Transformation

This project was quite possibly one of the greatest transformation remodels we have done to date. Before we started on this project, this space was confined, oddly segmented and perhaps even a bit claustrophobic. Julie and Brenden had a vision to open things up and that is exactly what the Kleeberger crew did! Being one of the more complex master bathroom remodels, this project incorporated custom quartz vanity tops with backsplashes and a custom glass shower enclosure. It was “one of the most gratifying projects to complete,” per one of our Foreman, Zach. It is our hope that the mental and emotional transformation the Smith’s experience whenever they walk into this space vastly outshines the physical transformation this master bath and closet underwent.

- Custom quartz counter tops, shower bench top, curb top, knee wall cap, and niche sills by Cameo Counter Tops in Holland, OH.

- Solid pane 3’ x 1’ window by Pella Windows in shower wall to let in natural light.

- Bead board wainscot throughout bathroom.

- Bulky linen closet removed and in-set linen cabinet installed in unused wall cavity to really open up room.

- Faux wood porcelain tile on bathroom floors.

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