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The Story of Kleeberger Contracting

Kleeberger Contracting Services is a 15 year business in the making. Though, if we're looking at the bigger picture, it’s even longer than that.  

Since a young age, I grew up mixing mud and buttering tiles for my Dad, a journeyman tile setter. I was his right hand man for home projects, which progressed into helping my cousins and Dad with various side projects they were working on.


After high school, I tried the traditional college route and quickly realized it was not my passion. That led me to ministry where I spent 5 years as a United Methodist Pastor, working part time on tiling projects for friends and family by personal recommendations and referrals.


In 2017, I decided to pursue contracting full-time. The projects were pouring in and I could no longer tackle them all alone. It was then that I enlisted the help of two of my wife's cousins who were recent college graduates and a couple of friends. Things quickly progressed from a few young guys looking to make some summer money to building a company with a passion for taking care of people, both our clients and our employees. I truly believe the reason KCS is what it is today is because of the quality of relationships we have on our team and the relationships we develop with our clients. 


To some, it might seem silly that a contracting business could impact lives in meaningful ways, but I believe the way we are doing things at KCS has a greater impact than we ever realized was possible. I believe in improving the quality of lives for those we work with and those we work for.


Our motto is simple: Our Family, Creating Beautiful Spaces For Yours.

We can't wait to serve you, your home, and your family.

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Kyle Kleeberger | Owner & Founder

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