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Clean, Crisp, Open

Let our in-house technicians install the glass enclosure you've always wanted.

Your Shower, Your Happy Place

Glass shower doors or panels allow light to move through a space, helping to make bathrooms appear bigger, lighter and more open.

See the Difference

Shower glass is also easier to clean than a shower curtain, which can collect moisture and mold or mildew, trapping bacteria. Replacing with glass helps eliminate this issue. It also forms a transparent “frame” for tiles, fixtures and décor – helping your style choices to truly shine through.

Shannon W.

"The shower glass is awesome! The appearance and design is absolutely beautiful. It's more than we hoped for. Zach and Jared did an awesome job with the installation."

Unique Contractor Personality

You shouldn't have to worry about the outcome of your project.  Our unique process is unlike most contractors. We'll answer any questions you have along the way and manage as much as possible so you don't have to. 

Quality Craftsmanship

Our guys take pride in their work. It's our hope that you'll take pride in the work completed. Count on our team to walk you through your project, from start to finish.

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